Tom Espin - May 17, 2022

Andy Murray is the most successful British tennis player in history. In ending Britain’s 77 year wait for a home-grown Wimbledon champion and winning a total of 3 career Grand Slam titles and two Olympic gold medals as well as leading Britain to Davis Cup glory, he has transcended tennis and become one of the most admired and respected athletes on the planet.

We are both delighted and honoured that Andy has chosen to wear Castore garments at the Australian Open and for the remainder of his playing career. To have an athlete of Andy’s calibre wearing Castore sets an unbelievably high standard for all athletes we will work with in the future and is a huge privilege - across the world no individual embodies our brand DNA of Better Never Stops than Andy Murray.

Andy commented that Castore garments ‘just feel so much better than the kit I’m used to wearing.’ We could not ask for a better review and very much look forward to kitting out Andy until his expected retirement at Wimbledon.

Before his first Grand Slam victory, Andy reached Slam finals on five separate occasions only to finish empty handed. In transforming himself from the closest challenger to previously all-dominating the Federer-Nadal-Djokovic triumvirate, to multiple Grand Slam winner and finally World Number One, Andy has displayed levels of dedication and resilience that are in our view, simply unmatched by any athlete in his generation.

It is very easy to forget just how dominant those three players were in global tennis and it required an almost super-human effort from Andy, involving a highly innovative training routine that almost single handedly revolutionised how tennis players prepared for matches so he could find an edge over three of the best players ever to pick up a racket.

This raw, unfiltered passion to maximise his natural talent and become the very best in the world is deeply inspiring for us and demonstrates just what can be achieved when ambition is matched by a ferocious and unrelenting work ethic. Many aspire to achieve this but Andy is one of the very few people who actually has actually lived it.

Andy is the perfect athlete for Castore to announce ourselves to a global audience. More than any individual athlete, he embodies the Castore ethos and his approval of our products is the most royal of athlete approvals. We could not be more excited for 2019.

Better Never Stops