Castore’s New & Innovative Womenswear Collection

Castore’s New & Innovative Womenswear Collection

Team Castore - May 17, 2022

Castore functions on the simple principle of striving to make athletes better. Creating the highest quality sportswear to inspire athletes to be the very best they can be. This ethos rings true throughout the all new Women’s Active collection. 

“The Castore womenswear collection has been almost three years in the making and we are incredibly proud to finally introduce it to the world,” says Castore co-founder Tom Beahon.

This is Castore announcing themselves in the world of womenswear. Uniting the inextinguishable attitude of ‘Better Never Stops’ with innovative designs and technically superior fabrics, in order to create a truly exceptional range. This is another step in many to provide all athletes with clothing that inspires, empowers and pushes them to become better.

Purpose-Built Apparel.

Following on from the constant breaking of boundaries within the world of sportswear, the Women’s Active range is a statement of intent - to produce multi-functional, performance driven and technologically advanced womenswear. Take the Longline Sports Bra for example, an essential for all workouts elevated with exceptional technology and clever design. This all-purpose sports bra answers all questions asked of it. Providing support with an innovative and ergonomic back strap design, allowing the wearer to completely focus on their workout with confidence. Crafted from high-stretch and highly breathable fabric that will never hold you back, with the sole purpose of aiding and bettering performance.

This range exists to empower and inspire. To give athletes the freedom to work out how they want, when they want. This is achieved by creating next-level sportswear with problem solving features. Ergonomic panelling of fabric is one of these features that is utilised throughout this collection’s design. This panelling gives supreme ease of movement and is most notably used on the Wrap Leggings. This approach to low-resistance clothing aims to cultivate confidence in an athlete's ability, allowing focus to fall upon the athlete’s action and not upon any restriction from clothing. In addition, reflective transfers on these leggings provide extra visibility when training in lower light - providing the option of early morning and evening outdoor workouts to athletes. 

With a continued focus on trying to escape the ordinary with performance driven sportswear, the Cirrus Jacket steps up to this challenge - the perfect companion for all outdoor training. Tackling the elements head on, this water-resistant jacket takes functional sportswear to the next level. Quick-drying technology is imperative for a jacket like this, allowing the garment to stay lightweight and to keep athletes moving and pushing for more, even in the harshest of conditions. Paired with sophisticated ventilation to regulate body temperature and keep your mind focused. The Cirrus Jacket is a fantastic example of sportswear that proves that better never stops.

“Our Better Never Stops mantra is universal and our ambition as a brand is to inspire all athletes to be the very best they can be no matter their background, sex or race and we are delighted with the collection we have created.” - Tom Beahon sums up this collection as a step forward in the right direction to inspire athletes.

The Women’s Active range is designed to meet the needs of all workouts for athletes who want to push themselves to be better. Sophisticated, functional and purpose built - this is simply activewear that will not let you down.


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