The Garcia Capsule - Truly One-of-a-kind

The Garcia Capsule - Truly One-of-a-kind

Team Castore - May 17, 2022

Iconic. Innovative. Unrivalled.

The Garcia is the absolute epitome of our Better Never Stops ethos, representing premium multi-functional sportswear with game-changing fabrics.

The all-new Garcia Capsule represents evolution and a commitment to excellence. Precision engineering and advanced technology are at the heart of every garment. We continue to redefine performance sportswear.

This is a legacy in the making and we will never stop. Better never stops.

What makes the Garcia so special?

The Garcia started as an idea, and we developed an icon. A unique fabric blend that utilises polyamides to create a waterproof layer on the garment. Fully water repellent fabric and technical superiority means the Garcia is ready for anything. Tested in all conditions, delivering superior performance and advanced quality. The design philosophy lies in a deep commitment to the aggregation of marginal gains, the belief in searching for a minute improvement in everything you do.

Garcia can be worn before, during or after your workout. Delivering performance without compromise.


38% Polyamide, 33% Polyester, 21% Polyurethane, 8% Elastane

The new capsule

The Garcia capsule collection is another example of our deep commitment to developing and evolving unique performance fabrics, engineering excellence, and finding the marginal gains that make a difference when it matters most. Every piece of the collection utilises the same unique performance fabrics as the original to deliver modern designs.

The Garcia Trousers are truly one-of-a-kind, delivering unparalleled protection and a leading warmth to weight ratio.

The classic Garcia hoody has been redesigned but maintains the same industry leading fabrics and technology. Cut for supreme ease of movement and complete with toggles for a secure and adjustable fit on the hood.

The Zip Through and the Sweatshirt Garcia, provide a casual lifestyle edge to this capsule collection. Made from the same innovative and unique fabric as the original Garcia, going beyond conventional fabric capabilities.

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